FAQ: Famously Answered Queries
Welcome! This page will answer all of your questions about me and my site. If you have further queries, make up an answer. That’s what I do.
Q: Gosh, there may be millions of people reading this right now. I don’t know what to say....
A: That wasn’t it.
Q: Uh, tell me about your music.
A: That wasn’t a question, so I don’t have to answer.
Q: You’re cheating!
A: Rule #1: On my site, Nothing I Do Is Cheating.
Q: If you don’t start cooperating, I’ll go away, and you’ll be all alone.
A: All alone except for the zillions of people reading this right now, expecting you to be pertinent, and here you are all limp.
Q: You sound like my girlfriend. She’s always griping about my impertinence. You look like her, too, waxy skin and a mouth made from fingerpaint.
A: Since you asked about my writing....
Q: I asked about your music.
A: You told me to tell you. You shouldn’t be so pushy when it’s my site and you’re making a limp of yourself before trillions of people.
Q: Tell me about your writing.
A: Fiction. Ubergood Reads. But if you’re expecting a good story, think again. Stories are for campfires; I am peddling Lit. Examine my writing and you will find that Dull and Dumb are not two of my characters, or characteristics. You will find passion, idea, and spirited characters whose lives are a story.
Q: Now that I’ve read your fiction about your fiction, what is it about your music? Was that a question?
A: Two. Regarding music, I eat mine raw, from paw to maw, you saw.
Q: If I mention that your music video is fiction, pics, and music all together, is that considered three questions?
A: You will have multimedia’d me by covering everything.
Q: More questions?
A: Less limpness.