C O O L   Q U O T E S
from Black Body:
• How casual was God’s correctness to equate in castigation His sinner and His witch, unequal people made similar by enhancing the devil’s domain.
from Galactic Fat:
• When attempting recollection, I received only aberrant information, data viewed through the prejudicial medium of desire
from Go Monster:
• Ignorance is accuracy.
• The vitreous luster of rivers haunted his healing.
• Nature is too smart to have been created by an intelligence.
from Heaven Again:
• A collective dream of homeland delivered a sensation so glorious in perceptive effect that the responsible scent could only be deemed regal. Certain dreams posit so perfect a world that the dreamers would rather experience their false imagination than the burdensome real, remaining in bed as though buried. But a day that brings prophecy instead of memory encourages even the least conscious to awaken.
from Imagined Evenings:
 • How poor could one be to desire treasure when love was the economy in question?
from Love In The Afterlife:
• A soul weighs no more than the love it creates.
from Make The Modern World:
• The modern world is a weapon.
from Martian Dog:
• Stylistic similarities of smashed curvature described the door as being a product of the same artisan who created the clay canine.
• How long before too late?
from Next Century:
• Suicide is as great a judge as God.
• Pleasure is too important to be left to unhappy people.
from Only The Impassioned:
• A million ants don't make an elephant.
• Death is relief for the damned, but sleep brings heaven to those healing.
from Resurrection Flowers:
• In the dark, blood has no more color than the lightless sky.
from Rocket Roll:
• The partial moon of his face then vacated her sky, leaving less genuine weather.
• Those who sacrifice others for their cause are proven by that act to be unworthy of salvation.
from Shadow Dance:
• The sea goddess searched for treasures from her past in the safekeeping box of her body.
from Strain Gauge:
• “Never emulate an inferior.”
• Fathers and kings cannot choose their duties.
from Witches Eat Well:
• There is no ordaining in improvisation.
from Zombie Box:
• Her emotional mien defined the term melancholy, that sweet-and-sour feeling not so sacred as its spelling.
• Those who have seen a better nonlife yet capitulate to living are hardwired to the heart..